Best Laid Plans

It was my escape hatch from one horrible job to the next: I was already in the financial industry, why not follow friends out of high-stress personal insurance and into high-stress investment banking? If I was going to live with high blood pressure and chronic migraines, why not make $80k a year doing it? After … Continue reading

When You’re Out of Whack

The changes were so gradual that I didn’t notice for several years, and even then I chalked most of it up to advancing age. The dark patches on my face started with a blotch taking up residence on my otherwise-pale forehead. To someone who’s about as sun kissed as freshly installed drywall, this was noticeable … Continue reading

Diving Into the CBD Controversy.

You could say I’m late to the party in talking about CBD, as it’s the hot new…what is it, a “buzz acronym” these days? And, like religion and politics, it’s almost as shocking to some sensibilities as walking into a stiff dinner party with a joint in your hand. (Obviously, some people don’t bother to … Continue reading

Hurry Up and Wait

Everything was going smoothly–maybe too smoothly: we’d worked our butts off and completed a huge number of home improvement tasks over the course of two grueling, almost sleepless months. The house had been almost entirely repainted and new baseboards installed. We’d done a cosmetic overhaul on one bathroom and nearly a gut renovation on another. … Continue reading

Wrong Direction

Fresh out of college, I remember the crisp optimism of each new day… The sun crept into the window of the little attic bedroom in our old Victorian home in Jersey City, NJ, always promising bright new things. I was a New York Metro transplant, fresh off the turnip truck from my small university in … Continue reading

Vegetarian Conversion

You’ve decided to cut out meat to see if your health improves, and your brain is drawing a blank as to how to plan meals. How will you get enough protein? Will you be hungry all the time? What will you put in the place of meat so you don’t feel like you’re missing out … Continue reading

Keeping It Simple

If you find yourself confused by the “perfect diet,” as so many out there claim to be, you’re not alone. Many bill themselves as the perfect diet, sure to change your life, and you may try one or two before becoming disillusioned because it didn’t deliver on what you understood to be the promises. Most … Continue reading