Life is a book best titled “It’s Complicated,” isn’t it though?

Born in the Midwest, life has transferred me to various locations along the eastern coast of the United States. (I’m just putting it out there, Universe: I would be *totally* ok with a move to Italy or France. Austria, anyone?)

Despite an education in Journalism and PR, I ended up in the financial sector for 15 years and went from actively hating my job to resigning myself to the fact I was stuck. There was no joy in my work and I often joked to others that I was “Changing the world, one document at a time.”

Observing the health struggles of family and friends, I began to take great interest in health. My family started eating organic, cut out plastics, and started using “clean” products in our home and on our bodies. Then, after years of tweaks, I heard a promotional spot on one of my favorite podcasts: Be the change. Become a health coach. I bludgeoned my family with my enthusiasm. I loved all things diet and supplementation and this was a program that would really let me geek out. I can say that it did not disappoint. When you train with a retinue of highly respected functional medicine professionals, all well respected in ever-broadening circles, you’re going to learn a few things: healthy diet choices, potential deficiencies, macro-vs.-micro-nutrients. The importance of quality sleep, regular exercise, strong social connections and cultivating things that fill your spirit with joy.

So how does this coaching thing work, you might ask. Perhaps one of the simplest ways to describe it is that this is not therapy. We are not identifying, diagnosing or treating any issues from a medical perspective. That said, rest assured that I am not here to judge, browbeat you or act as your drill sergeant. Your therapist is for your past; I am here to help you plan your future. You are the architect and we can draw up those plans together!

While I can point you in the direction (very specifically) of the information you may request, I’m willing to bet that you already know what’s good for you. You’re here, ready to take charge of your health, your wellbeing and your vitality. You have a pretty good idea of what you’re doing right and what you could do to improve. Discovering why you want these things and helping you to visualize the benefits will help us to formulate a plan to get you on track to meet your goals! This might take some time and occasionally takes redirection. Be patient. Be kind to yourself. Lasting, positive change takes a measure of time, effort, and oftentimes physical, mental or financial commitment, if not all of these things; but you’re the engine–be the change!!!

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